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威尼斯集团总部娱乐网址  1. —Sally has made great progress these days.

  —_______, and _______ .

  A. So she has; so you have B. So she has; so have you

威尼斯集团总部娱乐网址  C. So has she; so have you D. So has she; so you have

威尼斯集团总部娱乐网址  2. —Have you ever been to the USA?


  A. Yes, never B. No ever

  C. No, never D. Yes, I do

  3. _______ homework did we have to do that we had no time to have a rest.

威尼斯集团总部娱乐网址  A. Too many B. So little

  C. So much D. Too few

威尼斯集团总部娱乐网址  4. —_______ day it is today! Let’s go out for a walk.

威尼斯集团总部娱乐网址  —Yeah! Let’s enjoy the bright sunshine.

  A. What a fine B. How fine

  C. What a rainy D. How rainy

  5. —John and Mary,________ sure to come to our party this evening,________?

威尼斯集团总部娱乐网址  —OK, thank you, ________.

  A. be; will you; we will B. are; will they; we will

威尼斯集团总部娱乐网址  C. are; aren’t they; we must D. will be; won’t they; we shall



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